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Install C6 firmware on your Nokia 5800 or 5530

Fun Kruti | Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | 18comments

Gentlemen, get the long awaited day, apart from our teams today arrived the next level, which is known as Symbian ^ 2. With these files can convert their Nokia 5800 or Nokia 5530 at an authentic Nokia C6 last generation and not just in appearance if not completely, as this is a complete port of the operating system, adding the new release system and the original Home screen Widgets Nokia that supports interactive.

For now only for Nokia 5800 RM-356 Nokia 5530 RM-504, we have a Nokia 5800 with RM-428 v51.2.7 we expected since these files do not serve us.
Features 1) Start-up screen to equal the deln97/c6 Widgets 
2) Unlock screen slider c6 
3) Menu 5x4 4x4 possible 
4) New mail application 
5) included Quickoffice 
6) Adobe PDF including 
7) 50-55mb RAM on startup, 45-50mb after use 
8.) Zip manager included 
9) You can play video. WMV 
10) New Music Player 
11) Phonebook with alphabetic search updated 
12) Now is hacked (New Method) 
13) n97/c6 updated Internet Browser 
14) Flash upgraded n97/c6 
15) Apply to upload photos 
16) SIP Advanced Settings

  1. Respect the instructions if you otherwise can not guarantee that your phone still works.
  2. This version is exclusive to Nokia 5800 RM-356 Nokia 5530 RM-504
  3. You only use the files you download from here.
  4. If after flashing your phone do not respond, you can always return to your normal version of firmware using the same method of flashing.
  5. To add more languages need to use the Nokia Firmware Editor 0.2. (Not yet available) 


1. Download Firmware compatible with your computer. 
2. Follow the instructions in our tutorial: INSTALL A MODIFIED IN YOUR NOKIA FIRMWARE 
3. ROFS3 file is no longer necessary. 
4. Flashing your phone and enjoy.
Anyway, here is the file for you
C6 for Nokia 5800 RM-428


This English language if they want to put it in another language should use the Nokia Firmware Editor 0.2 and add your choice of languages

Q - What do you mean with updated music player? Is it even better than v51 one?
A - The UI is improved like the N97 music player

Q - Is it possible to get the original 3x4 menu?
A - Yes. You will have your choice to change

Q - Do we have to mod it with tool or just select in the menu options for the 3x4 menu?
A - You will have to mod the grid xml in resource/grid/

Q - Is this C6 FW or a mixture of both N97 and C6 FWs?
A - No, it a mixture of both 5800/5530 and C6 FWs

Q - Does this N97 firmware have full N-Gage support using Vitural Keyboard or playing touch and accelerometer supported games?
A - No. 5800/5530 don't have hardware graphic acceleration to play these games

Q - Have you ported the TV-out to C6 FW?
A - Yes and it is working on Nokia 5800. Nokia 5530 doesn't support this feature

Q - Is there any difference between using N97 or C6 firmware?
A - The C6 firmware has the Slide to Unlock feature while the N97 firmware does not. There are also updated apps like email, etc...

Q - Can we download widgets from ovi store?
A - Yes, just like the original C6 and N97

Q - Has the invalid server bug in 5800 v50/51 been fixed in this firmware?
A - We haven't step on such bug. So we believe it's solved

Q - Does this firmware allow the Nokia 5800/5530 to be charged through the USB?
A - No, the Nokia 5800/5530 does not have the physical hardware for it

Q - Why can't I find my language for this firmware
A - Nokia has not released all languages for C6-00. Plus, Asian Pacific languages are to be ported later by members since actual FW don't have enough space to include appropriate fonts

Q - Are the rotation effects and theme effects included?
A - The rotation effects are not included but there are theme effects in the firmware

Q - Does my old HS such as : Tsunami Orange,Contacts bar...etc still exist when i flash this FW to my 5800?
A - No, the C6 firmware only consists of one homescreen (widgets) and no other will be avaliable at the moment

Q - Can we customize the homescreens and will it show the updates of facebook on homescreen??
A - Yes you will just like the original C6

Q - What is the speed test from Speedy Go report?
A - Speedy Go has shown the phone to be running at 508 score

Q - Will this firmware work for phones such as Nokia 5230 etc...?
A - This firmware will only work for Nokia 5800/5530 at the moment

Q - Will we be able to flash back to original firmware after flashing with c6 firmware?
A - Yes u will be able to flash back as long as you flash to the same firmware number of our release or upgrade

Q - I had V40/V50 on my 5800 what happens after flashing with C6 CFW? Will i be able to revert to 5800 v40/V50?
A - No, or you will downgrade! C6 has been ported to 5800 V51. You can reinstall V51 or upgrade to another version if available. Same applies for 5530 phones

Q - I have 5800 RM-427/RM-428. Will this FW work on my phone?
A - No. This release is only for 5800 RM-356

Q - Why only English is installed in this FW?
A - We decided to release this FW with English only and supply language packs because we are limited in space and we cannot put all. Language packs are easy to integrate using the new NFE

Q - How can i add a new language to C6 CFW?
A - You need to use NFE 0.2 to import the supplied language file. More details will be given after release

Q - Can you please release C6 with preinstalled Lang (ex: italian?)
A - No and never expect that to happen. New languages must be cooked by yourself or another modder. We cannot cook and release tens of FWs

Q - Can i delete the other languages?
A - There is only English in the FW that we will release, so nothing to delete.

Q - Does this FW come pre-Hacked?
A - What do you think? Sure it will be

Does the keyboard auto switch from any keyboard to Full QWERTY when you rotating phone landscape like in 5800 XM?
A - No. C6/N97 don't even originally have a Qwerty keyboard so this kind of behavior isn't coded in it's libraries.

Nokia 5800Xpressmusic RM-356
You have to download firmware files from the below mentioned links and then copy all files to:
“C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage\Products\RM-356″
Nokia 5530 RM-504
You have to download firmware files from the below mentioned links and then copy all files to:
“C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage\Products\RM-504″
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ravi said...

Amazing man amazing!!
Thanks a million for the rm 428 version.
all features work fine but while flashing the codes wer as follows:

Finishing CMT session...
Restarting CMT...
Pooling phone...
MCUSW: V ICPR72_10w21.4
(c) Nokia
APESW: V 51.2.007
VariantSW: ???
Prodcode: 0575590

variant sw????
does that mean anything??
should i try flashing again??

Fun Kruti said...

Hi Ravi....Its done...no more flashing required..

do let us about the firmware and keep checking our site for more udpates...

Ravi said...

Thanx a lot for yr response Kruti!!
This firmware really rocks.
Am in love with this version, the gallery as well as the improved music player.
Thanks a trillion dude.
But i have one concern, i tried to install themes that i had downloaded and it gives error : "s60 scalable skin support error"....installation failed.
Due to this am unable to install any additional themes than the default 4 themes u provided with the firmware.
Plz help me with this

Fun Kruti said...

Hi Ravi..

Thanks for your comments...
we will check with the theme install issue and let u know soon....

keep checking for more update as our next porting is Angry Birds game for 5800

Anonymous said...

If i hard reset the phone witch firmware will come back the 5800 or the C6?

Anonymous said...

The facebook homescreen widget doesn't seem to be working an idea whats wrong?? or if possible where can i download it from?

Sunny Patil said...

I have recently upgrade my nokia 5530xm, so is there need to flash a device before installing C6 cfw? pls help me, coz i m dieing to install such fantastic FW

Ravi said...


Kruti, the firmware works amazingly well, but my radio is not working.RADIO RDS feature.
It does not even scan for stations, the auto scan featue is always turned off even if i try to turn it on.It wiont turn on.
Will reflashing help??
Please guide me

Anonymous said...

This works flawlessly on my Nokia 5800 Nav Ed RM 428. Thank you guys so much for this firmware :). I had the original 5800 v51.2.007 firmware and my phone was really buggy before I flashed this firmware. I have been playing around with this custom firmware for a few hours and it's much speedier and better looking than the original 5800 v51 firmware. Everything is improved.

Axilia Putri said...

=)) =)) =)) bizzare to CFW C6-00, for menu Homescreen can't modification.., maybe it's ok for sound upgrage like is overclock

aditya said...

how to flash a phone??? and install it in my mobile???

Anonymous said...

please help...
my 5530 is having software version 32.0.007,i hard reset the phone and try to install CFW_Symbian_3_v5.3_RM-504,all the steps goes fine,but at the end when i try to flash its showing a message 'flash files corrupted or missing'
how can i solve this problem????

Linesh said...

hey will this firmware work in nokia5233?????
if no then plz can u get firmware the same.....

Anonymous said...

what do i do, my phoens bricked now ==

Parag said...

there are lot of updates required in the ported firmware..
1. the touch scroll in messaging is pathetic.
2. the theme effects once activated slows the fon down to core.
please come up with solutions,
also pleaSE lemme no or post a link wher in if i want to revert to my original firmware v52 on 5800.. how shd i do that?

Alex said...

Hello dudes.....I have nokia 5800 RM 356 and SW V 52.0.007 it will works for me????that C6 Firmware??? need fast response.....

Smartgin said...

Thanks for your hard work. Good Edition.

I can't repack it with new languages. How can I do it?

Anonymous said...

After pooling the phone..the Jaf say..
Pooling Phone...
Phone not found...

Help...i have crashed my nokia 5530...thanks

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